Tree Planting

We don’t just maintain trees or cut them down. We also plant them!

The best thing about having us plant your trees is that we know exactly how they will grow, what they will look like, and how they will fit at your property in the future.

In partnership with the experts at Foothills Nurseries, we can suggest the perfect species and install it in the perfect place.


These prices are meant to be a guideline only. Pricing for your job may vary due to a number of factors. Please contact us for a free quote today.

15 gallon potted trees6-10 feet high, 30-35mm trunk caliper $300
50-60mm caliper wire basket treesLooks much more full and will have a larger trunk $550$675
70-90mm caliper wire basket treesBig, mature growth trees. 10-20 feet in height $875$1,200

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